Feeling Thirsty – Keeping Senior Loved Ones Hydrated

If you are a boomer who is also a senior, it is possible that the answer to that question will be no.  Many seniors do not feel thirst or are able to recognize thirst.  It is important as a caregiver to be aware of that fact and encourage your senior to hydrate.   Water is an essential nutrient that is important for the proper functioning of our bodies including body temperature.  In an adult older than 70 years the body is 53% water but was 61% in a 25 year old and 80% at birth.

Sometimes things that are happening to our seniors can increase the amount of fluids they need to drink each day making getting enough fluid even more difficult.  Medications (both type and amount), infection, laxatives, vomiting/diarrhea, incontinence, dementia and sweat all affect the need for fluids.

There are many ways to hydrate especially if your senior does not enjoy drinking a glass of water.

Suggestions for Hydration

  • frozen fruit sorbets
  • fruit juices, apple cider
  • finger foods such as gelatin cubes
  • soups and broths
  • popsicles, ices, and sherbet
  • watery fruits such as watermelon, melons and grapes
  • sweet beverages such as sports drinks or fruit juices
  • milkshakes and smoothies
  • lemonade
  • vegetable juice and vegetable/fruit juice blends
  • vegetables such as cucumbers, celery, squash, tomatoes and cabbage
  • decaffeinated coffee and tea, herb tea, green tea
  • water from tap or bottles, flavored or vitamin waters

As caregivers, you will be helping your seniors be healthier as they age if you incorporate some of these foods into their daily meals and offer a variety of fluids between meals.

Do you have other suggestions of fluids or foods that work well with your senior? Share today.

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