Don’t Let Social Media and Online Deals Bypass Our Senior Loved Ones

Many seniors pride themselves on their ability to seek out the best deal for many of the items they need or want to purchase. The trying financial times of the last few years have made that skill even more important, turning what for many was a pastime into a necessity.

Jokes about seniors and early bird restaurant dinners are good for a stand-up laugh, but the practice demonstrates a willingness and ability of many older adults to trade on their time flexibility to save money. Eateries have known this for many years and used it in their marketing to increase revenues during periods that would otherwise see many empty tables.

Unfortunately, a sizable number of our elder loved ones are limited to finding the deals about which they read in traditional media or hear through word of mouth. They are missing out on the many discounts and special offers found only on the web because, well, they aren’t active online.

The New “Word of Mouth” is Social Media

Each day we learn of many offers in our communities via email, Facebook, Groupon and SO many other sources, including a new favorite of ours, The key to most of these offers is that, unlike the flyers in the local paper or TV ads, they don’t come looking for us. We typically have to go where they are to express interest or otherwise sign up to receive them.

For the last year, Senior Care Corner has actively campaigned to get more of our senior loved ones connected and active online – – social media in particular. One of the drivers behind our campaign is to give them access to the deals and offers available to those who seek them out. This reason alone is motivation enough for many seniors to join the parade to the web.

Take the Lead for Senior Loved Ones

Many seniors look to the lead of their younger family members when it comes to technology, including how – and whether – they will access the web. We may have to go beyond urging them online and take a more active role by setting them up with the devices and web access best for them, then working with our senior loved ones to make sure they are comfortable and protected online.

How do you get them interested in the web? Show them some of the deals that are out there. Walk them through some of the Facebook pages offered by their favorite brands and stores. Go out to Groupon, ReferLocal and other sites so they can see a sampling of the offers available in their community. Once you do that you might find it hard to keep them away!