Don’t Let Vision Limit Independence – Family Caregiver Quick Tip

Age alone should not be a reason our seniors are discouraged from driving.

How safe they are behind the wheel, how well they can react to obstacles, and their functional abilities are key factors in whether they should continue driving.

Their vision is a major factor in the ability of many seniors to safely be driving themselves, others or not at all.

Everyone loves the independence that driving a car brings, especially our senior loved ones.

Giving up that freedom comes hard — and often sooner than desired for many elders.

As family caregivers we want them to drive as long as they are safe.

Vision Tips to Be Safe Behind the Wheel

Here are some tips that will help keep senior loved ones safe behind the wheel.

  1. Keep eyeglass or contact prescription up to date with annual visits and new lenses as needed. Don’t wear out dated glasses that don’t give clear vision.
  2. Always wear prescribed glasses or contacts (if they’ve been prescribed) when driving. Avoid glasses with side pieces or frames that interfere with full vision.
  3. Do not drive a car with tinted glass that could limit vision, especially at night.
  4. Don’t wear sunglasses at dusk or night. Keep the rear view and side mirrors clean and positioned for best views.
  5. Keep the headlights clean and free from debris and have them checked to be sure they are aimed correctly for safe driving in low light conditions.
  6. Be sure their car seat is positioned so there is a clear view out the window over the steering wheel.

Hopefully these tips are reminders to us all to make adjustments to be sure we are all safe on the road not just seniors!

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