Great Event for Family Caregivers of Seniors: Life@50+ in Pictures

If you attended the AARP Life@50+ Event in New Orleans to learn more about resources for senior loved ones like we did . . . you might be a family caregiver! Yes, we like that line – and the meaning behind it – which is why you can expect to see it from time to time at Senior Care Corner.

Our recent podcast, recorded live at Life@50+, brought you some of the latest innovations for seniors’ health and well-being coming from the developers selected for the LivePitch. We also discussed a little about the rest of the event and told you we would share some of our photos and more about what you can expect to find when attending Life@50+ in the future.

If, as it is said, every picture tells a story, then we have several stories to share with you. At 1,000 words per picture (okay, that ends the tossing out of cliches), just think of all the words we are saving you from reading by sharing the pictures and just a few words with each.

What You Missed at Life@50+

The AARP Life@50+ Expo showcased many areas of interest to seniors and their family caregivers, including health, finance, leisure, technology and more. One could literally spend hours checking out all of the booths and exhibits, talking to experts on hand, and (yes) picking up all of the trinkets and samples that were offered. Many found the bag they got with their badge to be too small, so it’s a good thing many others were given out inside.

The Expo floor featured exhibits large and small from organizations and companies with information and products of interest to family caregivers. They shared ideas, tips, samples and technology that could be taken home and discussed and implemented. We encountered many who were ready, willing and – even more important – able to chat about specific situations.

The Alzheimer’s Association, for example, provided family caregivers with great information and answers to questions about senior loved ones diagnosed with the disease.

Family caregivers could learn much about Alzheimer's and its impact on senior loved ones diagnosed with the disease.

Health screenings were available to help family caregivers stay or get healthy to be at their best for personal caregiving. Remember, caring for the caregiver is important, too! We were surprised at how much time some of the professionals staffing the screenings were willing to spend talking about individual situations. They were truly anxious to help. Certainly there were limitations to what could be discussed in that type of venue, but there were even small offices where you could go and ask questions of certain providers in privacy.

Numerous conference sessions were available to increase our knowledge & help us improve the care we provide to our loved ones and ourselves. In these sessions we met other caregivers there to learn!

Your carriage awaits. . . Life@50+ locations offer the chance to enjoy a respite and re-energize before returning home to caring for senior loved ones. That should be seen by family caregivers as an important aspect of the trip.

Yes, the primary driver is to learn things that help improve what one can do as a caregiver, but putting some time into recharging the battery and – especially – focusing on other important relationships are important to the well-being of family caregivers.

New Orleans offered its world-famous sightseeing, music and food to attendees. We encountered many taking in the music, food, drink and varied sights along renowned Bourbon Street in the evening and others checking in at Cafe du Monde for some of their delicious beignets in the morning.

Yes, a trip to Life@50+ is time well spent for family caregivers of seniors. That’s why we are happy that AARP is changing the format to be convenient to even more people. Rather than one event each year, Life@50+ will be held in two locations starting in 2013, with a stop in Las Vegas May 31 – June 1 and in Atlanta October 4-5. We hope to see some of you at one or both of those locations!

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