Thanking Family Caregiver Heroes – Family Caregiver Quick Tip

Each March we celebrate American Red Cross Month by recognizing heroes and thanking them for all they do for the community and others.

Since 1881, American Red Cross volunteers have been an essential part of our nation’s response to war, natural disaster and other human suffering. We’ve seen the triumph of the human spirit as people work together to help each other rebuild their lives and communities.

Family caregivers are heroes as well, bringing care and hope to senior loved ones.

A hero is defined as a person who is admired for their outstanding achievements or noble qualities, someone with courage who combats adversity with impressive feats.

Yes, family caregivers are indeed heroes!

Doing deeds that help seniors, pitching in with whatever task needs to be done, taking charge when seniors are unable to be in charge, and being responsible for meeting the wide-ranging needs of their senior loved ones are things that caregiver heroes do every day!

Family caregivers do this under great stress and with little thanks.

Ways to Thank Family Caregivers

Unsung hero family caregivers should be thanked for their help.

These caregivers often have help to accomplish all that they have to do for their senior loved ones as well.

It is important to find ways to celebrate all family caregivers.

Caring Village offers these 7 Ways to Thank a Caregiver:

  1. Say thank you!
  2. Write a letter or card to express your gratitude.
  3. Offer your help to lighten their burden.
  4. Give them a gift.
  5. Give them the day off and take over for them.
  6. Remind them to take time for themselves then help them do just that.
  7. Donate to a charity or organization in their name. Pass on kindness in a cause they will appreciate.

Additional Resources

Family caregivers need support to provide care for seniors as long as they need it. Caring for others is not always easy and at times comes with consequences whether physical, emotional or financial for caregivers.

Here are some articles that we believe will help caregivers care for themselves as they care for others.