Family Caregiver Technology Planning for Aging in Place Loved Ones

Technology promises safer, healthier and more comfortable lives for our senior loved ones – a promise that is growing rapidly as more tech companies discover the promise aging customers have to offer them and learn how to develop products with seniors in mind, particularly those choosing to age in place at home.

Just as the needs of all seniors are not alike, technology that solves a problem for one senior won’t necessarily do the same for others. Proper planning by family caregivers is needed to determine the best tech solution for senior loved ones and assure it is implemented in a manner that meets the senior’s needs.

This episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast discusses a process family caregivers can use to plan for identifying and solving the problems and meeting the needs of senior loved ones with technology.

Technology Planning Steps for Family Caregivers

  1. Understanding and listing the needs of senior loved one, not just the needs that we assume technology can meet but all, since we don’t know everything future (or even current) tech solutions offer.
  2. Research to determine which technologies, if any, will best meet our seniors’ specific needs.
  3. Find the best price for the selected technology.
  4. Lay out the implementation process for the technology with the objective of having a fully functional solution when completed.
  5. Plan for the support your senior loved one will need to assure the technology solution meets their needs after you leave.

We discuss each step and some examples in the feature segment of this podcast episode.

With the rapid growth in technology solutions for seniors and their family caregivers, Senior Care Corner will be increasing the coverage of specific technology products in order to be an even more valuable resource for caregivers’ evaluation processes.

News Items in This Episode

  • Study: Loneliness May Boost Odds of Dementia
  • Aging America: The Cities that are Graying the Fastest
  • Most Seniors Get a Good Night’s Sleep (Study)
  • Cleaner Air in the US Boosting Life Expectancy

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