Tablet Tailored to Seniors’ Needs – Conversation with grandPad on the Senior Care Corner® Show

Technology that connects seniors to their families, friends, healthcare providers, and the world around them is increasingly important to successful aging in place.

For many seniors, that technology will be the same smartphones, tablets and computers used by younger generations.

Others, though, have needs best met by devices that are safe, secure, and straightforward to use. They may not have tech-savvy friends or family near them, so their devices need to work without regular “tech support” to be useful and used.

But is there such a device?

We didn’t think so before we saw grandPad at CES. What we saw impressed us enough to want to share it with you in this episode of the Senior Care Corner® Show.

grandPad for Seniors

The feature segment of this episode is a conversation with Dr. Kerry Burnight, grandPad’s Chief Gerontologist, who has seen firsthand how her patients have benefited from being reconnected with family and friends via grandPad.

In our discussion with Kerry, you will learn about the effort that went into the development of grandPad, which started with a focus on what was important to seniors in such a device.

As she explains, that led to the development of a device with features different from other mobile devices in the market. grandPad:

  • works right out of the box, with no setup or any other steps needed other than turning it on
  • comes pre-loaded with the essential apps and services seniors need to stay connected without any clutter, spam, or distractions
  • keeps seniors out of reach of those who would use digital connections to scam seniors out of their savings
  • comes with a very helpful and always available support team that ensures each senior’s grandPad provides what they need

News Items in This Episode

  • Redefining Health and Well Being in Older Adults
  • Smarter Ways to Teach Family Members Medical Skills
  • Alzheimer’s May Hamper Ability to Perceive Pain

This episode’s quick tip addresses traveling with our senior loved ones.

Links Mentioned in this Episode

  • grandPad’s website and
  • For those who would rather call: (800)704-9412


We hope you find this episode informative and will share it with other family caregivers.

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