Health Mobile Apps from US Agencies for Seniors’ Smartphones and Tablets

There’s an app for that — you might have heard that before! We know many family caregivers have actively used apps on their smartphones and tablets, both for their own needs and as part of providing care to loved ones.

Seniors are using apps more and more too!

It is estimated that more than half of American adults have apps on their phones. They also use apps on their tablets.

We know seniors are using their smartphones and tablets and finding apps that fit their needs.

The US government is trying to fill the gap in services to seniors and spreading information by using apps too. They hope that seniors will try them out and like them enough to keep using them.

Selected Health Apps from US Agencies

  • 52 Weeks for Women’s Health – this app gives weekly tips about health topics and allows you to track your own personal health information such as medications, allergies and other prevention items.
  • BMI Calculator from the National Institutes of Health – great way to keep track of your weight and risk associated with being overweight.
  • CDC Health e-cards – allows you to send free electronic cards with health messages to friends and family members.
  • CDC Health Information App – brings health information, updates, health articles and “disease of the week” to tablet users.
  • FluView – lets you track flu outbreaks, influenza statistics and health information related to the flu including your own location.
  • Health Hotlines – helps you locate health-related information and agencies including toll free contact numbers; a directory of 9,000 organizations across the country which include support groups, government agencies, professional societies, and voluntary associations.
  • HRSA Find a Health Center – locate a health center that treats anyone including those without health insurance. Locator by zip code.
  • My Dietary Supplements MyDS – store list of your personal supplements including dose amounts, this list can go with you to store to buy more or sent directly to healthcare provider for advice.
  • My MedList – stores list of current and past medications; information protected; list can be printed to share, mailed to anyone you choose, reminder for taking medications or provided to healthcare provider or hospital.
  • NCI Quit Pal – helps you stop smoking! Produced by the National Cancer Institute; sends personalized video messages from loved ones, tracks smoking habits, keeps you motivated by recognizing milestones, links to Facebook and twitter to keep your friends and family involved in your success and keeps track of the money you saved from not smoking.
  • Solve The Outbreak – be a disease detective by solving the outbreak through this game. It takes you through fictional outbreaks where you make decisions about quarantining the city, talk to the sick people and study epidemiology. Brain stimulating for those who enjoy solving mysteries.

These are a few apps that we thought your senior might find interesting and are free to try. We found all available in Apple’s App Store and most on Google Play.

Exercise Care in Choosing Apps

There are many kinds of apps available to keep your senior’s mind sharp, help stay healthy and connect with family. Apps that are free such as these from government health agencies can be tried without worry. They are secure and reputable.

A caution when looking for apps — as with products there are a number of look-alike and sound-alike apps that may not be as safe as those from the US government agencies or provide information that is reliable. In other words, buyer beware.

We hope you try some out and enjoy! If you have any questions or suggestions for apps that your senior enjoys, we look forward to hearing from you today.

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