Conversation with Health Tech Innovator MOCACARE on the Senior Care Corner® Show

Technology with the potential to help our seniors live healthy, safe, and comfortable lives is something for which Senior Care Corner® is always on the lookout to keep family caregivers informed.

MOCAheart really caught our eye at CES® because that definition fits it well.

Many seniors — and family caregivers — can benefit from the ability to monitor heart health simply and conveniently in the comfort of home.

Innovative Approach to Home Heart Monitoring

SCC mocaheart screenshotWhile there are already devices seniors can use in their homes to take measurements to track heart health, they often sit unused, leaving our senior loved ones at risk for the health problems tracking is meant to reveal.

That leaves an opening for devices that give seniors the ability to easily perform their own monitoring and tracking, avoiding the need to visit the doctor’s office each time.

We were skeptical so tried MOCAheart ourselves and found it performs as advertised and presents results in straightforward terms when paired with their free mobile app.

Our senior testers agreed after trying it themselves so we want to share it with other family caregivers.

Our MOCAheart Conversation

Naama post picIn this Senior Care Corner Show we’re pleased to share our conversation with Naama Stauber Breckler, MBA, the Chief Operating Officer of MOCACARE, the developer of MOCAheart.

We enjoy hearing the stories that drive innovation and Naama did not disappoint, telling us of the need that led to MOCAheart and the development of more solutions to come.

When you listen to our chat, you’ll hear Naama describe how to use MOCAheart, the feedback the device and app together provide, and some of the feedback they’ve received from a range of clients.

One feature we really like is the ability for the senior to arrange for monitoring results be sent, at the senior’s option, to family members or healthcare providers, adding to peace of mind.

We were impressed to learn of the lifetime support MOCACARE offers to those with devices, along with the ability to purchase at online retailers such as as well as directly on the MOCACARE website.

We hope you’ll find our conversation with Naama as interesting as we did and will check out MOCAheart for yourself if your senior loved one — or you — could benefit from the insights it provides.

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