Helping Our Seniors Join the Tech Revolution – Family Caregiver Quick Tip

Helping Our Seniors Join the Tech Revolution – Family Caregiver Quick Tip

Tech innovations are everywhere!

Most family caregivers have a phone in one pocket and a laptop or tablet at the ready (perhaps waiting to be charged).

For most younger adults and family caregivers, tech is an integral part of life. You use tech innovations throughout your day in the car, at home and at work.

Are your seniors using technology too?

Have they joined the revolution or are they sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to put it in their hands?

Technology can improve their quality of life, increase their socialization and keep them safe in their home.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you need more information to know which tech products are worth the time and money investment?

Beneficial Tech for Seniors

There are many tech devices currently available that can bring happiness, safety, and health to your senior loved one. There are many more in development set to be released in the next few years.

Many are worth the investment in time and money, as they will bring untold benefits to seniors.

It is true many seniors will need introductions to these products, help getting them set up and reminders to use them.

When they need trouble shooting, family caregivers will be called upon to “get it working right again” but that is a small price to pay for them actually using these products.

Products that are beneficial for your senior and are here now include:

  1. Tablets to use for Skype and emailing
  2. Apps for the tablets (or smartphones) that they will like and use such as Facebook, TV guide, and games
  3. Smartphone to use for FaceTime
  4. Medication reminders that alert missed doses and actually dispense the pill at the right time
  5. Music streaming and Audible (audio books) for entertainment
  6. Virtual pets such as Hasbro Kitty that will soothe and provide companionship without the upkeep of a live pet
  7. Safety devices that will alert family caregivers when things go sideways, such as fall monitors, wandering alerts, stove shut offs, automatic thermostats for temperature control, remote door locks, doorbell that alerts on smartphone, and more
  8. “Social robots” like Cortana, Siri, Amazon Echo and Alexa and Google Home that can interact and help with tasks — or just be there with them
  9. Connected health devices and apps that will monitor a variety of vitals and send info to caregivers and healthcare providers

While seniors are not typically first adopters of technology, we have found they are open to using technology given the right guidance and support from family caregivers.

It will certainly be one of those things that they didn’t know they needed but don’t know how they lived without it for so long!

Additional Resources

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