Holiday Family Meeting and Senior Gift Tips – Senior Care Corner Show

Holiday family gatherings, in addition to fun, socializing and maybe a bit of stress with loved ones who don’t often get together also provide an opportunity for family members to meet and discuss topics best addressed together.

Planning for these meetings is one subject in the feature segment of this episode of the Senior Care Corner Show.

Picking the right gifts for senior loved ones has long been a dilemma for many family members. Today, though, technology presents many options from which to choose. How to decide which tech device is right for your senior and which we think might be even better options next year are also discussed in our feature segment of this episode.

Family Meetings During Holiday Gatherings

Families get together over the holidays to see each other, share old memories and make new ones. While not part of the fun we associate with family and the holidays, this is often the best time for serious family discussions. In this Senior Care Corner Show we talk about these potential topics for family meetings:

  • Future senior care options and decisions for senior loved ones who are nearing a time when they are no longer able to live independently.
  • Whether the senior’s home is adequate to support the needs of one who is aging and what steps may be needed if it is not.
  • End of life decisions for the senior family member including, if appropriate, DNR orders and other instructions.
  • Care needs of the family members who may be ignoring those needs in their role as caregiver of the senior loved one and often their own children.

We hope our discussion will help family caregivers understand the need for that meeting and provide some tips for planning, preparing for and conducting the meeting.

Gift Planning for Senior Loved Ones

Choosing the right gift for a senior loved one is a long time dilemma that technology has made easier. Not only are there a lot of tech options available now, we expect many more choices in the next year or two – devices that are easier to use, work together better and cost less than today.

The right gift choice for many family members right now may focus on e-readers, tablets and smartphones, which a recent Pew Research Center report says are each currently owned by less than one in five seniors.

It’s easy to get bogged down in deciding which one and do nothing, though, especially with newer and presumably better versions of each coming out regularly. That can go on with no end, though, so we offer some suggested considerations when buying a tablet or smartphone for a senior loved one. These are some that may be overlooked for the more technical considerations.

  • A device sized so it’s not too small to be usable for your senior but not so big they can’t easily hold it in their hands.
  • The right device will let them use the apps in which they have an interest, including any recommended by a healthcare provider or about which their friends have been commenting favorably.
  • Operating system might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but the right device for your senior likely uses the same operating system (Apple, Android or Windows) that you or another loved one uses.  That let’s them turn to someone they trust for help when running into an issue or wanting to learn more about their device.

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We hope you enjoy and find use all of this plus Kathy’s Quick Tip on fighting inflammation with food in this episode of the Senior Care Corner Show.

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