Portrait of the Senior Population to Help Us Know OUR Loved Ones

Helping family caregivers see themselves and understand their own needs, as we do in “You Might Be a Family Caregiver“, is a frequent topic of Senior Care Corner posts and podcasts. Gaining insight into the lives and needs of our senior loved ones is our focus in this podcast episode.

We often feel we know our senior loved ones very well, since we may have known them our entire lives. It’s one thing to know parents and grandparents in their role of caring for us and others but quite different, however, to know them as adults in need of our care.

It is also our intent, as advocates for seniors and family caregivers, to help those who develop and market technology products to see seniors and their families as being ready, willing and financially able to purchase devices and tools that improve the health, safety and enjoyment of older adults’ lives.

Older Americans 2012

Our portrait of the senior population is drawn from “Older Americans 2012: Key Indicators of Well-Being”, a report from the Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics, a collaboration of several US government agencies and departments. We discuss a great deal of information from the report but go beyond the raw statistics to give them meaning in understanding seniors’ lives.

Keep in mind that statistics about 40 million seniors can’t possibly describe each of them as the individuals they are. Instead, it is our hope we can help build a better understanding of  what our loved ones may be facing by gaining insight into the factors that impact and shape their lives. By knowing where and at what to look we might be better able to see them.

Samples of What We Can Learn About Seniors

  • Learning that more than half of women 75 and older live alone can help us prepare for what our own loved ones may need from us when they are in that situation and help plan the tools family members will need to care for loved ones living alone.
  • Understanding that seniors today are better off financially than those of the past can demonstrate to technology firms that capability exists to purchase products that appeal to seniors. Combined with the greater longevity seniors are experiencing, family members might see a need to help their loved ones make their nest eggs last.
  • While 75% of seniors described themselves as being in good health, the 25% who did not represent 10 million seniors. Without knowing which 10 million are not in good health, all family members might look for signs of health problems older loved ones might be hiding in an effort to avoid worrying us.

 Listening to this podcast episode will help you gain more insights like these.

New Items in This Episode

  • New mobile app from National Institutes of Health helps women learn about their health in 52 weeks
  • Sharp as a tack at 90 – here’s why
  • Cocoa may sharpen aging brains
  • Heart Health: how to improve your heart without vigorous exercise

All this and Kathy’s quick tip when you listen to this episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast.

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