Local Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease – Fun Way to Make a Difference

We consider it a privilege and pleasure be part of a community event as important as our local Walk to End Alzheimer’s, which raises funds to benefit Alzheimer’s research on a national basis as well as local programs and does so much more.

Of course, it’s one privilege we look forward to eliminating one day when Alzheimer’s disease has been relegated to the history books.

In communities across the country, people are banding together to raise funds and increase awareness of the disease, the effort to both find a cure for the disease and prevent it from affecting future generations.

People at the walk are selling forget-me-not pins, flowers, drink koozies, wrist bands, baked goods, and memory flags. They are holding  dance-a-thons, cake walks and many other events that will help raise much needed money to finally find a cure for this powerful disease and support programs in the community for those who already have Alzheimer’s.

Many thousands are then coming together in communities all over to walk one or more miles to show ending Alzheimer’s is important to them. They are giving of their time to raise money, often with pledges based on them walking.

Our Local Walk to End Alzheimer’s

I walked today with hundreds of other people who are trying to help end Alzheimer’s.  Research into Alzheimer’s disease will help to not only discover a cause for the degenerative disorder, improve treatment of its devastating effects but hopefully one day find a way to prevent it altogether.

Many of those walking with us know (or knew) and love someone with Alzheimer’s and have felt the effects of the degenerative neurological disease. We all know what a cure could mean to millions of families across the country today and so many more in the future.

More Than Walking

Another major part of our Walk to End Alzheimer’s is to honor caregivers, give them a pat on the back, share their stories and challenges, show them they are not alone, and give them a shoulder to lean on. Local support organizations are part of the walk in many communities and raise awareness of the services that are available — and which could use local support beyond the day of the walk.

Many Alzheimer’s walks include the sale of memory flags, which fly over the events now and in the future, remembrances of the loved ones lost to the disease and reminders of those who are living in the midst of it now.  If you have the opportunity to purchase a flag, support a walker or join a team, we at Senior Care Corner encourage you to do so and receive the love in return.

I will wear my purple shirt proudly and continue to help in the fight!

We would love to hear stories from your local Walk to End Alzheimer’s.