Mobile Health: Are We Ready For It? Senior Care Corner Show Discussion

Mobile health is acclaimed by many as what will save the US healthcare system by crushing the cost of providing care – – if anything can, that is.

Will we be ready for mobile and it’s impact on the care we receive when it gets here? Even more crucial for us, will our senior loved ones be ready? Since it may take seniors and family caregivers working together to get the greatest benefit, we hope the answer is a resounding “yes” for both.

The feature segment of this episode of the Senior Care Corner Radio Show looks at what mobile healthcare has to offer today, how we use what’s there and what, if anything, that means to our acceptance of the innovation in mobile health to come.

Signs of Mobile Health Readiness

Two of the key factors we see in the successful adoption of mobile health are a willingness to use formal tools to track our health and evidence from the experience of others that doing so produces positive results. As such, we see these as positive signs.

  • The CDC has released a mobile app, remarking that half of smartphone owners have used their devices to seek health information.
  • A recent study from Northwestern University followed 70 people through a year of their weight loss efforts and found those who used apps to track their progress lost more weight than those who used handwritten tracking.
  • A search for “health” in the iPhone App Store bring over 7,000 results.
  • Pew Research recently reported that a much greater number of those who formally tracked health indicators reported their tracking resulted in changes to their overall approach to health and affected their decisions as compared to those who said their tracking was done in their heads.

 We also discuss areas for caution in the current mobile health world, as highlighted by controversy over the lack of effectiveness or even potential harm from some health apps.

News Items in this Episode

  • Acts of Kindness Can Make You Happier
  • PET Scans Helpful, but Not Definitive, for Alzheimer’s Diagnosis
  • New NIH Resources Help Growing Numbers of Americans with Vision Loss
  • New Stroke Guidelines Stress Treatment Within One Hour of Arrival in ER

All of that and Kathy’s Quick Tip on eating less sodium in this episode of The Senior Care Corner Radio Show. We hope you enjoy it and find the information of value in your own life and in caring for senior loved ones!

We appreciate the feedback we get and would like to hear from all of you what you would like us to cover and what you think we could do to improve the show. Please leave us a comment to this post or through the Contact Us page on Senior Care Corner.

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