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Celebrating Older Americans Month each May is one of the ways we can acknowledge and show our appreciation for the many contributions of older adults to our nation and communities.

Building a greater understanding of seniors and their needs is one of the other ways we can tell them how we feel about what they have done for us over time and what they are still doing today.

We do some of both in this episode of the Senior Care Corner podcast. We discuss Older Americans Month, what it means and how we are asked to celebrate it. In addition, we build our knowledge and understanding of seniors by discussing some of the findings about seniors from the 2010 Census, including the growth in their numbers and where they live.

Part of understanding seniors, as with others, is learning about the problems they face. In our feature segment we also discuss a newly-released report from the Meals on Wheels Research Foundation, their annual report on hunger among American seniors.

Celebrating Older Americans Month

The theme of this year’s Older Americans Month celebration is “Never Too Old to Play”, aimed at encouraging seniors to stay active, involved and engaged, both in their own lives and their communities. The US Administration on Aging suggests getting involved by hosting a day of play in the local community, to include not just seniors but people of all ages.

Part of our feature segment focuses on types of activities that can be organized as part of a day of play, but also that the spirit of Older Americans Month can be achieved with much less formality.

As with the subject of many celebrations, older Americans are worthy of our appreciation and acknowledgment year-round. Of course, play knows not the bounds of a single month!

News Items in This Episode

  • Too many pills for aging patients
  • Could fat be your friend over age 85?
  • Dementia cases expected to triple as the world population ages
  • Study says that the shingles vaccine is safe but underutilized

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