On the Threshold of Magic: 2013 CES Highlights for Seniors & Caregivers

The world’s largest annual innovation event, otherwise known as the International CES, lived up to its billing for 2013. Full of oohs, ahhs, gadgets — oh, and some 150,000 people — the 2013 CES was a combination of fantastic technology reality for today with hints of even more great things tomorrow.

For seniors and family caregivers, the 2013 CES offered some tech for today but more of a sense we are on the threshold of much more, particularly when it comes to digital healthcare technology. In this episode of the Senior Care Corner Show we discuss some of what we saw as CES highlights for seniors and their family caregivers.

Seniors’ Needs Up Front at Silvers Summit

Silvers Summit at the 2013 CES included much talk of technology we have been discussing for a while, along with a sizable helping of what’s in the pipeline.

  • Steady advances in devices making it easier for seniors to connect with the people and information in the world around them.
  • Ongoing question of whether our homes are smart enough to care for those aging in place (hint: not yet).
  • Assuring seniors don’t miss a needed medication or dose improperly.
  • Making driving a safer proposition for our senior loved ones who want to continue doing so.

In addition, there was what is becoming an annual call for innovators to enter the market for senior care technology to help digital tech catch up with the needs of a rapidly aging population.

Digital Health Summit

This was a star-studded event, attracting a lot of attention to an area of technology that was already on the lips of many going into the 2013 CES. Healthcare tech offers both a taste of reality and the promise of much more to come.

  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who we often see on CNN, led a panel on advances in healthcare for the military and how they might translate to civilian care.
  • Big Data is all the rage in business today and digital health is no different. The CES discussion reminded us its not the data itself but how its used to provide healthcare and health coaching to patients that is important.
  • “Born Mobile” was made a theme of the 2013 CES from the initial keynote address through the end and healthcare was no different. Mobile devices and apps are starring in healthcare just as they are in communications and most other aspect of life today.
  • Seeing what’s going on in our own brains and using what we see to teach ourselves to do more with our minds was part of an incredible device demonstration by InteraXon.

Smart Homes for Aging in Place

Smart home technology, which allows us to control devices in our home digitally, is moving forward each year. Industry is now making smart appliances and devices; the ability to control the devices is in place; now the industry is (and has been for years) working toward device interoperability to make it simple for us to control all the devices that are becoming available to us. Will making it cost friendly for all of us be next?

We discuss all of these topics and more in our feature segment, with more in depth discussions – as well as conversations with some of the companies involved – in future blog posts and episodes of the Senior Care Corner Show.

We already can’t wait to see what the 2014 CES holds, what advances are made through this year and how much more promise there is ahead.

News Items in this Episode

  • A Brain Pacemaker for Alzheimer’s Disease?
  • Poor Vision Can Isolate Seniors
  • Half of American Adults have Periodontal Disease
  • Telephone Calls from Nurses Reduce Readmissions

Our Quick Tip

  • How to keep seniors safe when viewing emails

Link Mentioned in this Episode

There was far too much great information from the 2013 CES to fit into one episode of the Senior Care Corner show, way too many highlights even. In future episodes and blog posts we will cover more and get into some of the details family caregivers will need to understand and evaluate what’s available and coming to help improve the life of senior loved ones. Please leave us a comment and let us know what areas you would like us to discuss sooner.

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