Recipe for Caregiver Success from the Senior Care Corner­® Kitchen

Recipe for Caregiver Success from the Senior Care Corner­® Kitchen

Family caregivers have the privilege to provide love and attention to their senior loved ones.

Often this comes at a time of great need and we fill an essential role for our seniors.

We can get so busy doing things to improve the quality of life for our other family members, especially if we are caring for senior loved ones and our own children, that we too often set aside thoughts of doing for ourselves.

Our happiness is rooted in our families and the importance they have in our lives on a daily basis. However, that doesn’t mean that we ignore our own well-being to do for them.

Caring for Others & Ourselves

Tension is often high for family caregivers while struggling to meet competing demands from all directions. Too often there is a sense of “I should be doing more,” even when there isn’t another minute or ounce of energy with which to do more for loved ones.

That can’t go on long term.

It is vital that we find peace for ourselves so that we can give our best to those for whom we care and still remain healthy for years to come.

Finding joy in the small things — such as eating well, being active, taking time away to recharge our batteries, finding ways to cope with life’s challenges, de-stressing and then coming back to share the memories with those we love — will help us continue to be a healthy caregiver now and in the future!

After all, if we are not able to care for our loved ones who will?

Recipe for Caregiver Success

To help you find and utilize the ingredients that make for a healthy and successful caregiver, we have developed this “recipe” upon which you can build based on your own needs.

We hope you enjoy this recipe for Health, Wellness and Longevity and will cook up this casserole everyday!

Senior Care Corner® Recipe for Success

Health, Wellness and Longevity Casserole

Gather all ingredients around you and treasure.


A bucketful of smiles

Miles of walking

A rainbow of vegetables

A million deep breaths

20-30 grams fiber

8 glasses of water

1500-2000 mgs of sodium

2 servings of fish a week

A possee of friends

A roomful of family

5 servings a day of fruit

A cupful of positive attitude

Less than 200 mg Cholesterol

Less than 7% Saturated Fat

150 minutes of moderate physical activity

Less than 2 sugar sweetened beverages

Moderate alcohol


Do not add trans fat, negative attitude, smoking or laziness to this recipe

or it is at risk of failing.

Mix all ingredients well and consume daily for best results.

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