Preparing Aging in Place Senior Loved Ones for the Next Storm

Preparing Aging in Place Senior Loved Ones for the Next Storm

Recent events in the US have reinforced the need for storm readiness, particularly for the elderly and those who care about them. We can’t stop storms but we can put our loved ones in the best position to weather the storm safely and soundly.

Making sure our senior loved ones are prepared is even more important to those of us who live at a distance and can’t be there to aid in their preparations ourselves. While we might not be able to avoid that helpless feeling when a storm strikes, there are steps we can take up front to know that we have put our loved ones in a position to make it through safely.

Many storms in summer and winter strike with too little warning for preparations and even those that come with advance warning – such as hurricanes and major winter snow storms – don’t leave enough time to prepare for seniors living on their own or their loved ones caring for and about them from a distance. That means we can’t wait for them to get here – – the time is now to make our preparations.

In this episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast we discuss

  • Advanced storm planning
  • Actions to take as the storm approaches
  • Storm aftermath
  • Communications among senior loved ones and family members

Links to Aid in Preparations

We hope you find this episode helpful!

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