Quick Reminder: Catch Medicare Open Enrollment Before It Closes

Medicare’s Open Enrollment period for 2011 benefits closes at the end of the year and along with it the opportunity for seniors to review and update benefits.  Is there a senior for or about whom you care who could use some help making choices?  Each year plans change and benefits change — as do the needs of many of the seniors covered by Medicare.  The plan that may have been right last year or for several years might not still be the plan that best meets your loved one’s needs.

What plan and options are right for your loved one?  There are a number of factors that go into that answer.  Medicare breaks down the decision for you at Medicare.gov, with a plan finder that asks the right questions.  Only you and your loved one can weigh the trade-offs associated with the three C’s — coverage, cost and convenience.

Choose now to make sure the right plan is in place for 2011!