Seniors’ Adoption of Consumer Electronics – – and Family Members’ Role

While we hear and read much about seniors’ lack of interest in new technology, we also see a lot of evidence to the contrary. Feedback from our readers and listeners, as well as what we observe ourselves, gives us confidence that any hesitation seniors have will begin to evaporate when they understand the benefits technology has to offer them.

The feature segment of this episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast – the first episode of our second year – focuses on one area of technology, consumer electronics, what it can mean for our seniors and the role we as family caregivers can have in making that a reality.

The 14th Annual CE Ownership and Market Potential Study, a very interesting research study by the Consumer Electronics Association, tells us a lot about the ownership and future purchase thinking about consumer electronics by older adults (as well as other age groups). Not surprisingly, older adults see themselves the least likely to make consumer electronics purchases. As we read and discuss the study, though, we are left asking if there is more to the picture.

When it comes to our senior loved ones and consumer electronics, we see a real illustration of one of the late Steve Jobs most famous quotes, that “a lot of times people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” We believe that because we’ve seen it and heard it from others. How can we expect adoption of consumer electronics by seniors before they see there will be benefits of doing so?

We discuss how family members can play a big role in helping senior loved ones understand and appreciate the benefits they can get from consumer electronics. Whether it’s actually purchasing the devices for them, helping them learn to use a new device or even simply helping them understand the benefits and step up to make the purchase, family members can make a real difference.

Another aspect we address is how the consumer electronics industry can help us family members by identifying and promoting the benefits seniors can expect from their products.

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