Helping Seniors Stay Safe Behind the Wheel – Family Caregiver Quick Tip

Age should not be the measuring stick we use to decide if someone should be on the road and behind the wheel.

Driving helps our senior loved ones stay mobile and independent.

We need to determine whether that driver is safe, medically able to drive safely and free from unsafe distractions while driving.

There are accommodations that can be made for seniors in the automobile that they drive as well as more driver’s training, even driving rehab, that can improve the safety of our senior drivers.

Tips to Keep Your Senior Safely in the Driver’s Seat

To help keep drivers safely on the road for a lifetime we have these tips from The Hartford.

  1. Be a healthy driver — getting your senior’s eyes checked, knowing effects of any medications, getting exercise regularly, and getting medical checkups to be healthy behind the wheel.
  2. Keep learning — reminders are helpful, so have your senior attend defensive driver classes in your area; they may even get a break on their automobile insurance.
  3. Adjust to changes in skills as your senior ages; make changes in driving as your senior’s ability changes, such as limit night driving, limit driving in busiest traffic at rush hour or long distance trips.
  4. Choose a safe car that fits your senior-consider comfort and control.
  5. Be sure your senior learns about their car’s safety features to ensure they are used properly.
  6. Keep your senior’s car properly maintained following manufacturer guidelines.
  7. Use the seat belt every time in every car whether you are the driver or a passenger.
  8. Limit driving when the conditions are limited, such as darkness and poor weather.
  9. Don’t drink and drive, limit distractions such as phones, eating, loud music or talking with passengers.

Driving is important to your senior’s independence so help keep them, their car and others on the road safe.

Additional Resources

In addition to these quick tips, we have more information that might help you and your senior loved one learn more about safe driving.