Vacationing with Senior Loved Ones

Is your senior planning a spring trip or summer vacation?  Are they going alone, with a group of friends, with a church group, with family members or with YOU?

No matter who they go with on a trip, as they age there may be pitfalls for everyone to be prepared to overcome.

What you need to know when you are on a road trip:

  1. Plan, plan and plan.  Know particular laws and customs before you go.
  2. Be sure you are not a victim of crime.  Know where you plan to sightsee and if there are parts of town that you should avoid.  Stay in well-lit areas. Only carry the cash you need in small denominations.   Carry your shoulder bag tucked under your arm and put wallets into front pockets.
  3. Bring the proper clothing and footwear depending on the weather and temperature for the place you will be going.  Ending up in the hospital is no fun time for anyone!
  4. Label your luggage inside and out. Never pack irreplaceable items like medications in your luggage-instead keep with you. Lock your suitcase. Don’t over pack and leave expensive jewelry or family heirlooms at home.
  5. Let someone at home safeguard copies of your documents such as airline tickets, passports, advance directive, driver’s license, medication lists and itinerary.
  6. Travel with emergency phone numbers and contact information for family members.  Keep your important documents with you at all times including medication list with names and dosages as well as an allergy list.
  7. Never leave your car or hotel room unlocked. Store all valuables out of sight.
  8. If traveling abroad, learn a few key phrases in that country’s language such as need help, get police and need medical help or doctor.
  9. Pack an extra pair of eyeglasses in case of loss or breakage.
  10. Select “senior friendly” activities that suit your fitness level and interests.

By planning ahead, preparing for emergencies and staying safe, everyone will relax and enjoy the time of their lives making memories together!