Seniors with a Zest for Life!

Longevity is not simply a word for many seniors. Seniors not only dream about living their lives to the fullest as they age but are really doing it every day!

Recently I spotted an older woman enjoying herself plugging pennies into a one armed bandit.  On her back there was a sign like we used to see on a kid in school that read “kick me”.  Her sign read “Wish me a happy birthday!  I am 99 years old today!”

Naturally, I went right up to her and wished her glad tidings for the day.  The woman had a big smile on her face, thanked me for the well wishes and kept playing the game the whole time.

She was spending her 99th birthday doing something she clearly loved.  She is not alone.

We see everyday seniors doing all they can to live active and engaged lives participating in the activities they love.  This participation in their favorite things not only keeps them physically active, strong, and healthy but keeps their minds sharp!  My 99 year old woman was sharp as a tack and walking with only the help of her family member’s gentle touch.  She appeared to be quite spry.

Seniors are staying active by playing tennis, doing their yard work, traveling the world, playing bocce ball, staying connected on the World Wide Web with people all over the globe, running marathons, playing Wii games, volunteering in all kinds of locations, and ballroom dancing just to mention a few.

I wish I could see what this senior has planned for her 100th birthday and hope I get invited!

The key to healthy aging is to keep moving, keep your brain sharp and interact every day!

Do you have some non-traditional activities that your senior loved one continues to enjoy? We would love for you to share them with us!

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