Technology to Protect Seniors & Give Peace of Mind to Family Caregivers

Family caregivers of seniors may live with them, across town or even across the nation. Wherever we live, we aren’t always with our senior loved ones to know if they are doing well, need our help or even require emergency assistance.

We want to know 24/7 whether our loved ones are safe and don’t need medical or other assistance. At the same time, even the most elderly value their privacy and independence as they’re aging in place, strongly preferring not to have someone watching them, either in person or by remote video.

Technology to the rescue – – as happens in so many aspects of our lives!

Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (or MPERS) currently give us the ability to know from a distance whether our senior loved ones need assistance. Upcoming MPERS technology from Lifecomm offers the promise of taking even further what is available from existing systems by extending the independence seniors can enjoy while giving loved ones peace of mind about their well being.

Our feature segment in the Senior Care Corner podcast is an interview with Rich Lobovsky of Lifecomm, who we met at the 2012 International CES when we were introduced to their technology. Rich took some time away from preparing for the roll out of their system to tell us all about Lifecomm and its benefits to seniors and their loved ones.

Lifecomm’s unique partnership, recently bolstered by the announced purchase of its primary owner, Hughes Telematics, by Verizon Communications, is an asset to its system. What excites us the most is the idea that their system could give our senior loved ones extensive freedom to age in place and move around and travel as they wish while giving us comfort in knowing they are not out of reach should assistance be needed. We also expect the financial backing of Lifecomm to assure it will grow as communications and technology continue to develop so that senior or family purchasers are not buying technology that will be obsolete soon after they get it home.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Rich as much as we did.

News Items in this Episode

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  • Silver and Fit Program offers 5 tips to make fitness more fun for seniors
  • National campaign launched to educate older adults on registering as organ donors
  • How baby boomers can keep eyes healthy with “internal sunglasses”

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