The Answer Is — The Senior Care Corner Bookstore

Where can we get that and where can I read more about ___  are two questions we hear frequently.

We have, in the past, sent readers in one direction or another to find what they sought but now have a different response — one that answers a question for us at Senior Care Corner as well (we hope).  That leads us to this very different type of post from what you are accustomed to seeing, but still hopefully one you will find to be of value.

Introducing the Senior Care Corner Bookstore, which is the new answer to your questions regarding where to find things that we reference in our posts or that answer more of your questions about caregiving or what our senior loved ones are facing in their lives.

Like many bookstores, the Senior Care Corner Bookstore has much more than books, including electronics, software and gifts in a growing selection that we hope to make a (nearly) one-stop shop for items you’re seeking as family members of senior adults.

The book categories include:

  • Caregiving
  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia
  • Computers & Internet
  • Brain Health
  • Seniors’ Homes

We have also included several initial electronic selections we have found to be of interest to seniors.  More will be added along the way.

Initial software categories include:

  • Brain Health & Memory
  • Genealogy
  • Scrapbooking

Very important to us, as we know it is to you, is that you know you are able to shop and buy with confidence from the Senior Care Corner Bookstore.  All of your purchases are made from and shipped by  We will never see your information or even know what you have viewed or purchased from the store.

Okay, we’ve talked about what’s in it for you and now we want to be totally straightforward and let you know what we hope is in it for us.  Senior Care Corner will be compensated a small portion of your purchase price by  In that way, when our readers find items of value to you or your loved ones in the Senior Care Corner Bookstore you will also be supporting Senior Care Corner — without adding a penny to the price you see from for the items you purchase.

We want to make checking out the bookstore as easy as possible, so you can get there by clicking one of the links in this post, by clicking on the ad box at or by simply typing into your browser.

Please let us know if there are items or categories of items you’d like to see in the bookstore — or if you have suggested items you think might benefit others based on your own experience —  and we will work to add them.  We will be adding more items and categories, including gifts, so check back regularly.

With that we will return you to the regular schedule of posts and podcasts to which you have grown accustomed!

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