Traveling with Seniors: Packing to Make the Trip Healthy, Safe & Enjoyable

Who doesn’t look forward to taking a vacation or visiting family members?

Just planning the trip is a big part of the fun for many of us and something that can involve everyone.

Whether the trip is not too far or across the country, maybe even across the globe, it is important when traveling with seniors that you bring everything they need.

No one wants to over-pack and especially not have to drag around an overfilled suitcase – or an extra bag – from destination to destination, but we do want to have with us important items to keep our seniors safe, comfortable and healthy.

Whether traveling by train, automobile, boat or plane, having what your senior needs when they need it will make the journey a lot more pleasant and help avoid health issues.

Seniors’ Travel Essentials

There are several items that will come in handy when traveling that might not be easily replaced once you are on the road. Here are some suggestions for things to put on the packing list so you don’t leave home without them.

  • Medications in the original pill bottle (with the prescription label)
  • Important documents, including medication list, doctor’s name and contact number, advance directives, allergy list, identification, copies in another place of passport and id in case of loss
  • Money belt, depending on your destination
  • Extra set of glasses in case of breakage or loss
  • Hearing aid battery spares
  • Denture container
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Sweater or light jacket
  • Snacks, including mint or gum to keep mouth from becoming too dry
  • Travel size toiletries
  • Rain gear, including small umbrella or poncho
  • Book, tablet, puzzle book, crossword or music to keep them from being bored
  • Camera to record all the memories and adventures

If you plan on checking your senior’s luggage, bring along a small carry-on bag with essentials your senior will want to keep close such as medications, travel documents, id, change of clothes, toiletries (3 oz. containers in one quart sealed bag) and valuables. In case your senior’s luggage is lost they will have the most important items safe.

Choose Luggage for Travel Ease

Your senior’s best friend will be a suitcase that has wheels that work well, move freely and allow them to push the bag in any direction so that when getting on and off an elevator or other tight place they can go back or forth with ease.

They might find it useful to have a clip or strap on the suitcase that will hold a jacket or purse to keep from dropping the jacket and never seeing it again after navigating the maddening crowd of the airport or shuttle bus.

(PS: Don’t keep any important items in the pocket of your jacket in case it does go missing)

Traveling is a time for fun, new adventures and making memories — but can also involve tension, chaos and confusion. Having a well-stocked carry-on and suitcase will help lessen the stress of the trip and enable our senior loved ones to feel “at home” away from home.