Vital Heart Health Tips for Seniors (and Their Loved Ones)

Helping senior loved ones reduce their risk of heart disease, the number one killer of women and too high on the list of killers for men as well, is one of the keys to helping them improve their lives. In this episode of the Senior Care Corner we address exactly that.

While there are some heart disease risk factors, such as age and family history, that we can’t change, there are a number of risk factors about which we CAN do something. In this episode you’ll hear actions you can take to improve the chances for many senior loved ones — and maybe to help yourself as well.

The American Heart Association targets February as American Heart Month to raise awareness about heart diseases and heart-healthy actions we and our senior loved ones can take. They put a special focus on women with their Go Red for Women campaign, highlighted by Wear Red Day to raise awareness.

We feel this awareness campaign and the information it provides is important. For that reason, the feature segment of this episode focuses on heart health information we feel family caregivers need to know, both for their senior loved ones and themselves.

Heart Health in Our Feature Segment

  • Facts about heart disease and stroke
  • Heart disease risk factors
  • Reducing risk factors in senior loved ones
  • Heart healthy diet
  • Actions for family caregivers during cardiac and stroke¬†emergencies

We hope you’ll find insights that help you improve the heart health of not only your senior loved ones but yourself as well.

News Items in this Episode Discuss

  • Benefits of computer-aided exercise for seniors
  • 6 ways our senior loved ones can feel happier & healthier
  • Alzheimer’s Disease common in the “oldest old” women
  • How often should older women receive bone scans

Our quick tip addresses vitamin and supplement safety for our senior loved ones.

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