Why the Consumer Electronics Show is Important to Seniors & Their Families

Many people are surprised when we talk to them about technology for seniors and the elderly, telling us they can’t imagine their parents or grandparents using a computer or going onto Facebook. For each of those, however, there are several who tell us how their older loved ones are embracing technology and how much it is changing theirs lives for the better.

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is part of the opening of each new year, putting on display achievements in technology and promises of technology to come. The show also helps kickoff the year for Senior Care Corner, as we travel to the show to see what technology can do to help us as family members and caregivers of seniors — both now and on the horizon.

We are often asked why we do this and why we think technology is so important to the lives of seniors. The feature segment of this episode is our answer to those questions.

Yes, the CES has a show floor so big you can wear out a pair of shoes checking out all the technology displays; where we hunt down both the products targeted to boomers, seniors and even (some) to elderly consumers. We expect to see more of those than ever, reflecting a growing recognition of the size and spending ability of older consumer groups.

Our real hunt, though, is for those tech products that are targeted to younger demographics but are well suited to improving the lives of seniors, especially those aging in place in their own homes.

While technology is certainly the star of the CES, the feature attractions for us are the conferences at the show, Silvers Summit and the Digital Health Summit in particular. In these conferences we hear about technologies ready now and in development that address the needs of seniors and other groups. In addition, the Silvers Summit conference targets the technology companies by showing them there is an older market ready, willing and able to purchase products that meet their wants and needs. There are a number of other conferences as well, giving us more opportunities to ferret out those products not targeted to seniors that have the potential to meet the needs of older consumers.

This episode will give you a preview of the information we expect to be reporting coming out of CES.  After all, Senior Care Corner is going there for YOU!

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