Senior Winter Cold Emergency Kit – Family Caregiver Quick Tip

Winter is coming and will be here before we know it — but hopefully not before we’re ready.

The warm (too warm) days of summer will be nothing but a memory, with cold, icy conditions in their place.

With the winter weather wrapping itself around our seniors, there is the possibility for winter storms hitting our seniors.

In 2015, winter storms resulted in losses totaling $3.5 Billion!

Downed trees, automobile accidents, loss of means to communicate, and power interruptions are threats to safety — even access to emergency personnel can be limited during winter storms.

The time is now to prepare a winter weather emergency kit in case your senior’s home loses power.

Essentials for A Winter Emergency Kit

If a storm or other emergency creates a situation in which your aging in place senior is without power, perhaps for a longer duration than is safe, there are some things that should be handy to help them through the emergency.

Your senior’s emergency kit should include:

  1. Warm blankets and clothing to dress in layers including jacket, hat, and gloves
  2. Non-perishable, ready to eat food and water sufficient to last a minimum of three days
  3. Manual can opener so they are able to use any canned foods
  4. Cat litter or sand to protect against slipping on ice
  5. Battery powered radio, flashlight, and extra batteries
  6. First aid kit
  7. Medications and medication list
  8. Emergency phone contact list

Put all these items together in one place where everyone knows they are kept.

Use only safe emergency heating units that are well ventilated if the heat is out.

It is also a good idea to do preventive maintenance on the home, such as installing storm windows, sealing windows and doors that might leak cold air, and wrapping pipes with insulation.

You should also help get the car winterized with snow tires and tune up as needed. If there is advanced warning of a winter storm, fuel up the car in case travel is necessary and gas pumps become nonfunctional.

Additional Resources

Being ready for any emergency whether on the road or in the home takes some advance planning. Here are some more articles that will help you get your senior prepared for emergencies that could arise that we hope you will find helpful.