3 Words for the New Year – Which are Right for Your Senior Loved Ones?

As the New Year begins, with the old year already fading into the past, we often take some time to consider what the new year will bring. We, as family members and caregivers of our senior loved ones, have faced many interesting and probably challenging moments in the past year and look to the shiny new year of possibilities for our elders.

Some have said that to focus your actions moving into the New Year it will help your senior loved one to define her or his future life in three words. This is an offshoot of a growing trend in business to substitute just a few memorable and meaningful words for the more wordy goals of the past, goals that often fail to capture the heart and spirit.

The right three words can capture your most important hopes, behaviors, plans and desires. When it comes to seniors, the right three words can get the individual, family members and caregivers on the same page, working based on a common understanding of what is most important.

How do you pick the right three words? Ideally, this is something family members do along with their senior loved one unless the senior isn’t able to contribute to the discussion or decision making. Consider whether medical or professional caregiver input may be of value to the discussion. Determine what is important to be captured, starting with concepts or phrases that capture what is important. Your three words should be set because they bring to mind the most important of those concepts.

Words to Consider

  • Health                   Wellness              Safety
  • Happiness           Sanity                    Cooperation
  • Pain-free             Comfort               Goodbye
  • Faith                      Hope                     Love
  • Learn                     Teach                    Grow
  • Technology         Computing           Monitoring
  • Finances              Insurance            Help
  • Family                   Reminisce           Togetherness
  • Love                      One                       Another
  • Love                      Thy                         Self
  • Communicate    Forgive                 Future
  • Exercise               Engage                 Volunteer
  • Wishes                 DNR                       Decisions
  • Money                 Planning               Knowledge
  • Renovate            Renew                  Aging-in-Place
  • Senior                   Care                       Corner

These are just a few examples of ideas you and your senior may want to learn more about to improve well-being in the New Year.  We will try to provide you with information and resources to help you face the future as a loved one and caregiver.

Which three words will frame the coming year for your senior loved one?

2 thoughts on “3 Words for the New Year – Which are Right for Your Senior Loved Ones?”

    • Hello Bruce, hope it is ok that I answer you instead of Barry. My three words (taking them from the list) would be Senior Care Corner because I hope that the information we are sharing will help others, especially caregivers of seniors who have so many challenges every day. Many are not only caring for their senior loved ones, working full time but also parenting their children. What are your three? We wish you and all our community a healthy, happy New Year!


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