4 Tips to Keep Seniors Surfing Safely Online

We hear from many seniors and their family members that they don’t know what they would do without the internet and social networks because the web has added so much to their lives. At the same time, there are many older adults shying away out of concern for the risks they associate with the web.

Senior Care Corner promotes the use of the web and especially social networking, or social media, sites due to the benefits that our senior loved ones can gain. We discuss some of those benefits in our post 5 Benefits of Social Media for Seniors and in other posts.

In this episode of the Senior Care Corner podcast, we discuss some tips family members and caregivers can use to show seniors and elderly adults how to use the web safely and, hopefully, overcome their fears enough to get them online.

Safe Senior Surfing Topics Discussed in the Podcast

  1. Constant recognition of the permanent nature of information shared on the web
  2. Avoid the major risks associated with email
  3. Selection of passwords and password hints
  4. Caution while using WiFi hotspots to access the web

While we want to help senior loved ones overcome the fears keeping them from the web, we want to maintain some level of apprehension. Caution while online is a healthy approach for all users, regardless of their age.  As such, these tips are intended to both reduce fear and build respect for online safety.

Our list of safe surfing tips is intended to cover areas of significant risk while being short enough to be actionable and remembered by new users of the web.

If you have tips or techniques you have used to help elder loved ones overcome their fear of the internet and to become active online we hope you’ll share them with us in the comment section or on our Facebook page.

News Items in this Episode

  • Veterans Affairs to Equip 1000 Family Caregivers with iPads
  • Exercise Plus Computers May Boost Senior’s Brains
  • Older People with Dementia Cared For Mostly at Home
  • Seniors & Doctors Should Speak Freely at Checkups

We hope you enjoy this episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast, find the information of value, and will share the podcast with others who have senior loved ones in their lives.

Podcast Transcript – so you can follow along or read at your convenience

1 thought on “4 Tips to Keep Seniors Surfing Safely Online”

  1. Definitely some great tips here, including your segment on passwords.

    We would like to add one tip: NEVER email your Credit Card numbers, or private personal info like Social Security numbers. Emails are not as “private” as we like to think. Emails make many stops along the internet highway before they reach their final destination. At any point, they can be seen, compromised, and the information leaked to the wrong person. So play it safe, by not emailing sensitive information.

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