8 Ways to Brighten Lonely Holidays for Senior Loved Ones

The holidays give us a time to come together as families and share news and memories with distant loved ones we don’t get to see often enough.

Sometimes, however, we can’t visit our senior loved ones as we would like and they have to spend holidays alone, or at least without family around.

We have some ideas for family members and other caregivers to bring some life, joy and reminising to your senior loved one this holiday season. We hope you’ll like them — because that special senior in your life is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Ways to Brighten the Holiday

  1. Send a greeting card to your elder loved one today and everyday through New Year’s. Each day the card could be either a greeting card for the holidays, a wish we were there card, thanks for being there for me card, a handwritten note, a funny card, a card your child drew, a postcard or any type of card you think he would like to receive.
  2. In your card include a family photo, a comic strip cut from the newspaper, a bookmark, a hand cut snowflake or anything handmade she would enjoy.
  3. Send a box of homemade cookies, candy or some other treat like sugared nuts — choose a favorite of theirs.  Include a note that says something like “I remember when I was a child and we made these cookies together.  I miss you but wanted to share this special memory with you.  Enjoy every bite! Will see you soon…”
  4. Send an object that brings to mind a special fragrance such as cinnamon, oranges and cloves or evergreen.  It could be a sprig from a tree, an actual spiced orange, a sachet, a room freshener or a seasoned tea.  Include a card that says something like this…”When I was growing up, my favorite holiday memory was cutting down our tree in the woods with you and dad. I thought this sprig would remind you of our holidays. We look forward to seeing you soon.”
  5. Send a small live evergreen tree that your senior loved one can put on a table, a seasonal flower arrangement, a poinsettia or a fresh wreath to enjoy the season.  Oftentimes if older people are spending the holidays alone, they will not decorate, so a special delivery like this will surely bring sparkle to their season.
  6. Send a box to celebrate New Year’s including a party hat, noisemaker and paper popper!
  7. Send a holiday music CD or holiday video that they would enjoy.
  8. Call them and remind them that they are not alone and you are thinking of them!

We wish you, your senior loved ones and your entire family a wonderful holiday season!


3 thoughts on “8 Ways to Brighten Lonely Holidays for Senior Loved Ones”

  1. #1 on this list should be to go visit a lonely elderly person or group, BB! THAT means more than anything material. If you play music, go and play some music at a senior center.

    Doing this is especially valuable for our kids to experience. Giving is really what the holidays are all about, right?

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts, Bruce! Certainly you can’t beat being there. Many can’t get to visit their loved ones over the holidays, though, so we’re trying to help them be part of the holidays in other ways.

  2. This is exactly why we created EasyConnect HD. It allows you to be together with senior loved ones and “visit” face-to-face anytime you want and from anywhere in the world.

    There is nothing better than going to visit in-person, but as Barry mentioned, many times it is difficult or sometimes even impossible for families to do. EasyConnect HD is helping many seniors be “home” for the holidays when they are still at the senior community!

    Happy Holidays,
    Josh from EasyConnect HD

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