Pets Improve Health of Seniors

Man’s best friend is more than a cliché. How many of us have pets that are part of the family? Seniors have a lot of love for pets whether they are their own or animals belonging to others. Research proves that interaction with animals can improve the health and well being of seniors. Pets don’t … Read more

Confusion Remains High About Health Care Reform

It has been awhile since the debate was in full swing and then the final vote of approval for health care reform. Most people, especially seniors, are still struggling to understand what the Affordable Care Act means. What changes in Medicare and Medicaid services will be coming their way? What will the cost of service … Read more

Future of Healthcare: Medical Home Model

With the advent of healthcare reform and the need to treat the aging population who have chronic medical conditions without bankrupting the payment system, new ideas to treat all Americans are coming to the forefront. One such strategy which hopes to close the gap in the nation’s healthcare is called the medical home care model. … Read more

Blue Zones: How to Live 100 Years

People have searched for the fountain of youth for centuries.  We still look for a way to live not only for a long time, but to live healthfully. Pills, potions and serums to beat “old age” are a million (perhaps even billion) dollar a year industry. It seems that there are four places in the … Read more

Fraud Alert: Info on Part D Rebate

The Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services, HHS and the Administration on Aging have sent a press release to provide information and increase awareness for the nation’s seniors. The following is directly from the press release: “The more we can work together to educate the American people about ways to protect themselves and the health care system … Read more

Fight Elder Abuse

Elder abuse either in the form of exploitation; neglect; physical, sexual or emotional harm or abandonment by trusted caregivers can happen to any elder including your own loved one. Most believe one in ten seniors is affected but due to limited reporting of abuse, which is thought to be only one in five cases, no … Read more

Assistive Technology – Can You Benefit?

Do you need a little more help to do some of the many things you used to do easily? Are there tasks that you still want to accomplish on your own but just can’t quite do them? Help is on the way in the form of assistive technology. A variety of adaptive devices can help … Read more

Health Care Reform Highlights

President Obama has signed into law a healthcare reform bill that created both controversy and confusion among lawmakers and citizens. It promises to provide healthcare to all citizens by 2014 as well as a myriad of other amendments. Many seniors worry what the outcome of this legislation will be on their current Medicare coverage as … Read more