Senior Brain Health: Tips & Tools to Exercise the Brain

Seniors can have improved cognition and reduced risk for developing dementia if they have fit brains.  This has been proven through various neuroscience research studies. Keeping your brain sharp and helping your seniors keep their minds active will make aging successful. “Brain fitness refers to a general state of healthy, optimized brain function, or a … Read more

Seniors & Caregivers Not Focus of Tech Show — But In Mind

The Senior Care Corner staff recently spent a few days talking technology for seniors, their families and caregivers at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show and made some interesting finds.  There were several vendors specifically targeting seniors with the products, which we will discuss on Senior Home Technology over the coming weeks, but not as many as … Read more

Silvers Summit 2011

We at Senior Care Corner were excited to be a part of the Silvers Summit at the Consumer Electronics Show.  The Silvers Summit section is an arm of this international technology conference that focuses on the technology advances specific to our seniors. We had the pleasure to learn about the latest information from experts in … Read more

Home Design Trends for Aging in Place

Whether they stay in your home or relocate to another home, more of our parents want to stay out of facilities and in the home of their choosing. The homes in which aging adults have raised their families, and even most homes built more recently, probably weren’t designed with seniors’ needs in mind. A remodel … Read more

Don’t Get Stung by the High Cost of Care

Is your loved one living in an assisted living facility or nursing home or staying in their home? Are you paying, or helping to pay, the bill or overseeing their care? If so, then you have felt firsthand the pinch as costs for caring for an older person in a facility or at home have … Read more

Technology Review: Sonamba Wellbeing Monitor for Seniors

We recently had an opportunity to see a demonstration of the Sonamba Wellbeing Monitor , which is designed for use by seniors living independently and their families/caregivers. While we are holding out hope for whole-house technology solutions for the well-being of seniors choosing to age in place and their family members / caregivers, the Sonamba … Read more

Consumer Electronics Industry: Hot for Seniors

The fastest-growing consumer market in America is in the sights of the consumer electronics industry — and both the consumers and the industry will benefit. With more seniors wanting to remain in their homes longer and needs changing with age and health, technology companies are stepping up with ideas to help make lives safer and … Read more

Your Diet and Healthy Aging

Everyone eats and everyone ages. What you choose to eat can affect how you age. We all prefer to age healthfully. Below is a list of things you should consider when choosing what is on the menu. Mediterranean Diet-this diet is gaining popularity for its heart healthy effects. The diet includes increasing fruits and nuts … Read more