Tech Talk for Seniors, Family Caregivers & Others Not “Born Digital”

Sometimes even the English language can seem like someone is speaking in a foreign tongue. Older adults, who lived much of their lives without today’s technology, can feel that tech speak is unintelligible and the whole world is trying to tell them something they don’t understand. It can be like talking about a new medical … Read more

Aging in Place Technology Roundup 2019 — Background for Family Caregivers

We believe technology advances are the most important innovations for our future lives and continue to provide information on tech so family caregivers are in the best position to help senior loved ones utilize that tech for healthier, safer, and happier lives. We have been telling you a lot about what we saw and heard … Read more

5G is Coming — Why It’s Important to Seniors & Family Caregivers

There has been a lot of talk lately about 5G mobile networks, touting faster speeds and higher capacities, and it was one of the hottest topics at CES® 2018. 5G technology will be important to seniors, especially those living independently. That means it will be important to family caregivers of those seniors. What’s that, you … Read more