CareBot™: One of a Kind Family Caregiver for Aging in Place Seniors

“I haven’t heard from Grandma today. I hope she hasn’t fallen again.” “Why isn’t Dad answering his phone; is there something wrong or did he just forget to charge it, like last time”? Those and similar sentiments are expressed every day by family caregivers of older adults across the US, especially if their loved ones … Read more

Cognitive Computing – Artificial Intelligence Benefits for Seniors

Man and machines… Smartphone and global communications… GPS… We have, up to this point, had decades of benefits accrued through computing — but what innovations will push the envelope for our seniors? Artificial intelligence (AI) is the information of science. AI is misunderstood and glamorized by some, making it out to be something other than … Read more

Medical Grade vs Consumer Grade – Does it Matter to Seniors’ Health?

Telemedicine is here and being used by many seniors to improve their health. With it, seniors visit remotely with healthcare professionals, avoid hospitalization and even track their own health and wellness. It has the potential to fundamentally change our healthcare system. But what is telemedicine? According to the American Telemedicine Association, telemedicine is: The remote delivery … Read more

Caring for Home Medical Devices in Emergencies and Every Day

To many seniors, independent living still means a life dependent on medical devices. To family caregivers, that means to keep them well we must ensure they and all those who care for them are capable of operating their medical devices properly. That’s true every day, but especially during emergencies, such as a power outage. Medical devices can … Read more

Can a Technology Solution Help Seniors Prevent Dehydration?

Technology can provide our seniors with so many great benefits that can help them age in place and maintain their independence. More and more applications for technology are being developed, with many having real potential to improve the health and wellness of our seniors, often lightening the load for family caregivers. Recently we spotted a … Read more