Consumer Electronics Industry: Hot for Seniors

The fastest-growing consumer market in America is in the sights of the consumer electronics industry — and both the consumers and the industry will benefit.

With more seniors wanting to remain in their homes longer and needs changing with age and health, technology companies are stepping up with ideas to help make lives safer and more enjoyable while helping long distance caregivers assist their loved ones.

This ideal match is highlighted at the Silvers Summit, part of the International Consumer Electronics Show, the annual mega event in Las Vegas.

The Silvers Summit is billed as the place to be to “hear about companies and products that deliver quality-of-lifestyle to adults ages 43 and up and empower their elderly parents with greater independence. Experts weigh in on lifestyle, cool gadgets, trends, universal design, smart homes, caregiving, high-touch service technologies and more.”

With sessions on assistive technologies, home automation, intelligent systems to empower independence, and more, the Silvers Summit is the place to learn about the technologies of today and tomorrow for making life better.

Senior Care Corner will be reporting from the Silvers Summit to keep you up to date on the technologies available to help you improve the life of those seniors in your life.

4 thoughts on “Consumer Electronics Industry: Hot for Seniors”

  1. This is an intriguing article! I see a great need for mobile technology within the elder population, especially with the rapid adoption to mobile technology. I shared this article link with our Twitter followers!

    • Thank you, Rob. This is an area where we see a great deal of opportunity to improve the quality and enjoyment of life for seniors and help many more people achieve their objective of staying in their homes longer. Mobile technology certainly accommodates freedom of location with a minimum of complexity.

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