Best Step Stools With Handle for Elderly

When people age, their mobility and flexibility decreases. They often have difficulties with reaching high shelves, getting in and out of the bathtub, the bed or the car. By buying a step stool with handle, you can make seniors life easier and reduce the chances of getting injured.

We researched and collected the five best step stools that come with a handle and that are designed for the elderly. Read our review to make a better decision before purchasing one.

What Is a Step Stool and How to Use One?

Step stools are stepping tools that can be used to reach objects out of grasp or to get in and out of the bed or a bathtub. They come in various shapes, forms and sizes, with or without handles.  There are step stools designed for adults and seniors and even for kids.

They can come handy in a number of sitatuions. Their biggest benefit is that they can give back the freedom of moving around to elderly people. Step stools allow them more freedom in their mobility and they do not need to rely on others for assistance.

Even though a step stool with handle supports one’s physical capabilities, it can also be beneficial for the user’s menthal health. Seniors often have difficulties with accepting that they need to rely on someone else or that they have to be taken care of. A simple yet effective tool can increase their independence and their confidence.

You should always read the user guide before trying out the step stool. It has to be assembled in the correct way and used only on even surfaces. Never place a step stool on another object, especially if the object is not stable. If the step stool is foldable, ensure you unfold it completely before using it.

How to Choose The Best Step Stool With Handle for Elderly?

There are a few factors to consider when buying step stools for elderly. In general, we recommend step stools with handles because they offer more safety, stability and support for the elderly.

A step stool with a handle might be more difficult to store but you should never sacrifice safety. Moreover, there are step stool models that have removable handrails so you can store them with ease.

Although some of the products in our list are multifunctional and can be used by both kids and adults, we suggest looking for a model that is specifically designed for adults and seniors. Their weight capacity is higher and they offer more safety.


Always take into account the step stool’s adjustability. You might need different height for reaching a cupboard, getting in and out of the bathtub and bed, and for stepping out of a car.

If you buy an adjustable step stool with a handle, more than one user can benefit from the product.


It’s also important to consider whether you want to move around the step stools or leave it at one place. If you want to use it all around the house or you want to travel with it, you should choose a lightweigh and portable product.

A folding step stool or a step stool with removable handles can be a good solution too.

Size and Number of Steps

Think about how much space you have for storing and moving around the step stools. If you limited space, go for a smaller and more compact version.

Consider the number of the steps too. There are available models with one, two or three steps. If you are buying a step stool for elderly, we recommend not to go beyond two steps. The more steps the product has, the higher the risk of falling.


The material of the stool step should be durable and sturdy to provide safety and stability for those with limited mobility. Stainless steel lasts for a long-time and stays rust-free.  Pay attention to the platform’s material too. A non-skid rubber platform coating ensures stability even for those with balance and mobility issues.

Make sure that the handle has a convenient yet sturdy material too.  A rubber grip on the handle can add extra safety to the product.


Unless you buy a foldable step stool that you keep putting away, the product will be seen around the house. Design and aesthetics are also important. Go for a simple and clean design that fits your home decor.

Wooden step stools might look stylish but they are often very slippery so they are not the best for elderly.


Many step stools need assembly before they can be used. If the step stool is for a senior, make sure it is one that is easy to assemble.

 If you think the elderly user will have difficulties with putting the parts together, go for a product that comes fully assembled.


Step stools come in various prices categories. You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a high-quality and durable step stool with handle. Premium features like motion-activated LED light can increase the prices.

DMI Step Stool with Handle

The DMI step stool with handle allows you to reach objects with the support of a handrail that provides stability. Its non-slip textured matting and reinforced rubber tips provide extra safety for its user. The handle has a foam grip which ensures additional security.

The DMI step stool for elderly has a chrome-plated steel frame with a weight capacity of 300 lbs. It has a compact design and only weighs 8.5 lbs which makes it easily portable.


  • Rubber tips and foam handle grip
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Non-skid platform coating


  • Needs assembly
  • Some parts get lose over time

Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool With Handle

The Vaunn medical foot step stool is extra durable thanks to its triple-layered, chrome-plated heavy-duty steel construction. Its coating ensures that the step stool stays rust-free for a lifetime.

The Vaunn medical step stool features wider legs than the standard footstools in the market. This ensures increased stability. Due to its non-slip rubber platform, the reinforced rubber feet and the firm and stable handgrip, the Vaunn step stool offers extra safety for its users.  Its weight capacity is 250 lbs.

This steep stool is multifunctional and versatile. Medical professionals use it at hospitals, clinics and laboratories. You can use for various purposes at your home. It is a great tool for getting in and out of bed, reaching for higher cupboards or even as a sitting stool during gardening or fishing.


  • Extra durable and rust-free coating
  • Wider legs that ensure stability
  • Versatile design


  • Requires assembling
  • Instructions are vague

Bundaloo Support Step Stool With Handle

The Bundaloo step stool with handle is sturdy and offers stable support. It features a non-slip, textured rubber matting on the stepping surface and the handle. Moreover, the rubber leg caps keep the stool steady in place.

The Bundaloo step stool for elderly is light enough to move from room to room. It’s made of durable materials that withstand repeated use and impact. Its weight capacity is 300 lbs.

It has a simple design and it is easy to clean and stays rust-free. Moreover, it comes with a 6-month warranty so you can buy it with confidence.

This step stool is designed for home and medical use. You can use it in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and garage. It is beneficial for adults, elderly, kids and those with disabilities or in therapy.


  • Non-slip, rubber surface for safety
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy-to-clean design


  • Needs assembling
  • In some cases, it was not possible to attach the handles

AdjustaStep Deluxe Step Stool With Handle

The AdjustaStep has a multifunctional design which allows you to use it with or without the handles. If you remove the handles, you can store it easily.  The heights of the step and the handle are both adjustable so you can customize them for your needs and for various actions.

The handrail is padded and non-skid, while the step also has a non-slip pad and rubber foot grips. These features ensure reliability and stability. Its weight capacity is 300 lbs.

The AdjustaStep Deluxe step stool has a modern, white-blue design that is easy to clean.


  • Can be used with or without handles
  • Adjustable height
  • Non-slip pad and rubber foot


  • Modern design that might not fit your home decor
  • Relatively heavy

Ollieroo Step Stool With Handle

The Ollieroo step stool is 2 products in 1 as the handle is removable and you can use the steps without it. The bottom is reinforced with non-slip grips and the step stool has a sturdy construction. Its weight capacity is 330 lbs.

The product features a convenient handrail, non-slip footpads and platform. The material makes it easy to clean and its design is simple. For the price you pay, you get a decent product.


  • Sturdy and stable
  • Multifunctional and can be used with or without handles
  • Simple design


  • Needs assembling
  • Instructions to assemble are not clear


Step stools can make elderly people’s life much easier and increase their freedom thanks to the extra mobility they offer. When choosing a step stool with handle for your loved ones or for yourself, conduct a thorough research before purchasing one.

Safety and stability should be key factors when making the final decision.  Always read the assembling and the user guide carefully to avoid accidents and injuries.