Shoes For Elderly to Prevent Falls

Shoes For Elderly to Prevent Falls Elderly Falls Statistics  The CDC provides data on falls, and although some of their data is as old as from 2016, the statistics are still pretty scary. Here’s some falls information you may not be aware of: 20% of falls cause severe injury such as fractures or head injuries.  Almost … Read more

Best Fidget Blankets for Seniors with Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Fidget blanket for seniors with dementia and alzhiemers

Best Fidget Blankets for Seniors with Dementia & Alzheimer’s If you care for a senior with dementia it might be hard to believe, especially after a bad day, there may be something — an object, music or activity — that will provide a calming response for seniors who are in distress due to dementia. Sensory … Read more

Best Bed Steps for Elderly

As we age, we lose our mobility and often need some extra help to avoid accidents and injuries. Movements like getting into bed or reaching for a book on the shelf get more difficult. Fortunately, there are bed steps for elderly that allow you to move with freedom and find your stability again. We collected … Read more

Shoes For Elderly to Prevent Falls

Falling is dangerous, no matter what age you are! The effects can be severe and long-lasting, and lead to other problems.  A dangerous fall doesn’t have to be from a height, especially for an elderly person. Simply tripping and falling from normal, walking height can have disastrous effects for an older person.  If you’re looking … Read more


Unfortunately, wisdom isn’t the only thing that aging brings. It also brings changes that can make staying in a cherished home difficult, if not impossible. As an elder’s care needs change over time, so will their housing options. When deciding a senior’s future housing plan, understanding the differences between independent living, assisted living and nursing … Read more

Best Pulse Oximeters – Comparison and Reviews

Best Fingertip Pulse Oximeters

Best Pulse Oximeters – Comparison and Reviews Keeping track of your body’s oxygen levels and your heartbeat is critical for those with respiratory or cardiovascular conditions. Also, athletes often benefit from recording their vitals and oxygen levels, as it can help illuminate areas of weakness. Portable fingertip pulse oximeters are affordable, accessible, and easy to … Read more