Best Pulse Oximeters – Comparison and Reviews

Best Fingertip Pulse Oximeters

Best Pulse Oximeters – Comparison and Reviews Keeping track of your body’s oxygen levels and your heartbeat is critical for those with respiratory or cardiovascular conditions. Also, athletes often benefit from recording their vitals and oxygen levels, as it can help illuminate areas of weakness. Portable fingertip pulse oximeters are affordable, accessible, and easy to … Read more

The Best Glucometers for 2020 – Manage your Blood Sugar/Glucose Levels

Glucometers are essential to anyone needing to keep track of their glucose levels. While this often primarily refers to individuals with diabetes, glucometers can also be vital to people practicing the keto diet, pregnant women with gestational diabetes, and pet owners with diabetic animals. Let’s investigate more into how glucose meters work and find the … Read more

Advances in Healthcare for Older Adults – 15 Years of Progress

Health is key to our ability to achieve successful aging. Improving the health and quality of life for the world’s seniors is a pursuit of scientists across the globe. One organization has been bringing advances in medical care and research to the attention of the medical profession for many years – The American Geriatrics Society. They … Read more

Digital Eye Strain in Our Seniors – Family Caregiver Quick Tip

We encourage seniors to use technology for communications, information, entertainment, and health. They are doing so in growing numbers and reaping real benefits. Of course, there are costs associated with those benefits beyond those related to the digital devices themselves. The more seniors use their technology devices, the more time their eyes will be exercised … Read more