Preventing Anemia in Senior Loved Ones – Family Caregiver Quick Tip

Seniors, as they age, often have many physical complaints. Some of those are related to specific medical conditions, others seemingly come out of nowhere. Anemia can cause many common health complaints, including fatigue, loss of energy, pale skin, cold hands and feet, shortness of breath, irregular heart beat and dizziness. Our seniors are at risk from … Read more

Denture Care Tips for Family Caregivers – A Key to Senior Health

Family caregivers of senior adults can find themselves tackling situations that are foreign to them on a daily basis. One caregiving task that might be unique for you as a caregiver of an elder family member is caring for their dentures. Yes, someone else’s teeth! “No way,” you say? Dentures require special care to keep them clean, … Read more

Myths of Aging Holding Seniors Back? Don’t Let Preconceptions Limit Them

There are many myths of aging — beliefs that, while widely held, are not true. Many people have preconceived notions about how we should or shouldn’t be aging and how our bodies should reflect our aging. Multiple media messages that tell us to do this activity to avoid aging or take this pill to stop the signs … Read more

Measles Outbreak: Should Seniors and Family Caregivers Be Worried?

The recent outbreak of measles has sparked debate about immunizations for children, leaving family caregivers to wonder how it will affect their senior loved ones (and themselves). Did you know that older adults got the measles at Disneyland? As of this writing, 121 people were affected in that outbreak, including people up to age 70. Most of … Read more