Caregiver to Caregiver — Tips to Inform and Inspire in Our New Book!

Family caregivers are special people who care for and about loved ones.

Sometimes they need some help and inspiration in doing so.

Do you sometimes feel like you need to be inspired?

Does it feel at times that a little help would make a big difference?

Do you like to get new information that might help you in your caregiving?

Do you like to share with those who have similar experiences and understand how you feel?

If so, then you have much in common with other caregivers who face challenges every day and often search for answers and help from people who have been there and are facing the same challenges. These are usually the best people to get strategies to solve our own problems or suggestions about where to turn to for more even more help.

Our Family Caregiving Story

When we were caring for our grandparents we looked for help, inspiration or just a few tips. At that time there was very little information out there so we decided it was time for us to use our own experiences as family caregivers and professionals to spread information and insights from what we learned along the way and continue to learn as we still are family caregivers.

We strive to help family caregivers by giving them the information they need as we hoped to find when we needed it!

Over the years we have gathered information to share with other family caregivers about the latest in technology advances, medical information, caregiver support and innovations that help caregivers make every day in the life of their senior loved one the highest quality it could be.

Our New Book for Family Caregivers

A culmination of years of what we feel are the most pertinent bits and bytes of our tips, as well as those of the family caregivers in our community, has come together in a book we recently published, 1001+ Tips for Family Caregivers.

We published the book in order to reach — and thus help — more family caregivers.

We know from our own experience how learning something new, especially from other caregivers, can help put our own situations into perspective as well as give us some much needed inspiration to realize how important being a family caregiver is to our seniors.

We also want to help family caregivers help themselves stay healthy, avoid burnout and get the respite help they need from their network.

Our book provides tips and insights on all this and more!

Where You Can Get 1001+ Family Caregiving Tips

We decided the best way to get the book published and into your hands would be in a Kindle version, which is available on This means you can read it on your e-reader, tablet, computer or smartphone and carry it with you to read when you have time in your busy day.

We hope you will check it out and that you find it helpful and crammed packed with new ideas and support from caregivers in short bytes that are easy to read and digest.

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  1. I would like to have one of those books. I’m married to a elderly man. I know what’s like to live with him. This book would be extremely helpful. Thankyou for reading this. Can you please email the book to my email address?

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