Financial Aspects of Aging in Place: Helping Seniors Manage & More

Ugh…the thought of our senior loved ones not having enough money to cover their basic needs such as shelter, food and health is something we don’t even want to consider. Far too many family caregivers have that worry regarding aging loved ones, however. Our seniors wish to age in place and we are making that … Read more

Medicare Coverage of Durable Medical Equipment for Seniors

In a recent Senior Care Corner Radio Show, we reported a news story about a durable medical equipment (sometimes referred to as DME) provider being fined for fraudulent Medicare claims for power scooters. While many who this provider gave no- or low-cost scooters paid for by Medicare that were not deemed eligible, there are many … Read more

Will You Be Responsible for Repaying Medicaid for Your Parents’ Bills?

Caregivers, especially those who have been responsible for aging parents for a long time, have typically spent some of their own money to help provide care. While some seniors may have put aside money for their golden years or have purchased long term care insurance, many have few resources and those they were counting on … Read more