Helping Seniors Care for Treasured Pets – Family Caregiver Quick Tip

Pets are beloved as members of our families and can be even more important to seniors living on their own.

We all want to care for our pets so they stay healthy throughout the years especially as seniors and their pets age!

When our senior loved ones need some help from us with their daily tasks, they may need our help in caring for their pets as well.

But what does that mean?

We know we have to walk the dog, get their shots, and feed them healthy food to keep them active as they age.

But are we remembering to keep their mouths and teeth clean to prevent problems and pain for our pets?

Studies tell us that 80% of pet owners do not perform mouth and teeth care on their pets. As a result, by their third birthday, most dogs have oral disease.

This can lead to physical illness in your senior’s pet just as it would in us.

Dental Care Tips for Pets

We can keep our senior’s pets healthy with good mouth care.

  1. If your senior’s dog has bad breath, it might be a sign of trouble. Dogs have a distinct breath odor, but when it gets really bad it could be periodontal disease. If your senior’s pet has severe mouth odor, it is time to get them checked by your vet.
  2. Give your senior’s pet regular professional cleanings and mouth evaluations.
  3. Brush a pet’s teeth regularly with dog toothpaste, not human toothpaste which can irritate their stomach. Use a soft bristle toothbrush that is pet friendly.
  4. If they are hesitant to allow brushing, use dental spray or additives in their water bowl to prevent decay and help keep teeth clean.
  5. Give your senior’s pet dental chews or chew toys to help clear off plaque and have fun doing it!

The more often you brush your pets’ teeth, the easier it will be to perform this daily cleaning. They may even enjoy it!

Additional Resources

Pets are an important part of the family and great companions for our senior loved ones. Here are more articles that can give you tips for caring for them and keeping them a part of your senior’s life.

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  1. Thank you for posting this article. It is so important to remember that pets are members of the family and they need our love and attention and care. Seniors and others who may have difficulty caring for themselves, are also going to need and appreciate help with their pets, too.

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