It’s Our Birthday! Celebrating 8 Years Caring for Seniors’ Family Caregivers

Our mission was simple when we began. We wanted to give support and information to caregivers of seniors because we found little when we needed it most.

We had some knowledge and experience to share with others at a time when support for family caregivers was lacking. What could we do to help those in need, just as we wished someone could have done for us?

Senior Care Corner® was born! Now we celebrate 8 years in our labor of love bringing information and guidance to caregivers of our most beloved seniors!

From then to now we have worked hard to bring forward tips and strategies to make things easier on caregivers.

And we’re still going strong!

Challenge of Family Caregiving

We know caregivers of seniors are challenged because they are often caring for their own families at the same time or their spouses at a time when they thought they would be enjoying their own retirement. Trying to support each other as we find ways to lighten the load of caregiving is something we try to do week in and week out.

The best way to be a good caregiver for the years to come is to care for oneself, which is another way we try to encourage caregivers through knowledge and empathy!

Caregivers are providing an invaluable resource to our aging loved ones and need to be supported so that they can better meet their own, their seniors and their families’ needs long into the future.

We have evolved over the last 8 years at Senior Care Corner and will continue to do so as we connect with caregivers in a variety of ways including face to face, twitter chats, our Radio Show, Facebook postings, media panels, and of course our blog. We love every opportunity we get to meet other family caregivers, listen to their stories and try to support them in any way possible.

Speaking to groups of seniors and listening to what they desire as they age brings joy to Kathy while Barry immerses himself in technology and the innovations that will benefit us all through our lives as we age.

Together we strive to bring you great blogs that are informative and inspiring and hope to do so for many years to come.

Shouting It Out to the World

Here’s how we decided to tell the world it’s our birthday via a press release:

Senior Care Corner® Celebrates 8 Years Helping Family Caregivers Improve the Lives of Senior Loved Ones

SENECA, S.C., Oct. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Caring for parents in their senior years is a role reversal for which most family caregivers find themselves unprepared from knowledge and emotional standpoints. Knowing senior loved ones need help in living the lives they want but not knowing how to give them that help is frustrating and can be harmful for both the senior and caring family member. Eight years ago Senior Care Corner® was a startup with a mission of filling those gaps, an effort that is still going strong today.

Motivated by needs identified through personal experience and conversations with other family caregivers, Senior Care Corner arrived on the web in 2007 with their premier article discussing ways to make the homes of senior loved ones friendlier to their needs.

From that start have come thousands of articles, Internet radio show episodes, and social media posts addressing a wide range of topics covering the needs of seniors and the family members caring for and about them.

Thanks and other feedback from many of the more than 5,000 monthly visitors to the “Corner” inspire co-founders Kathy and Barry Birkett, family caregivers themselves, to publish three articles weekly and reach out to other caregivers through social media.

“We love all the comments and thanks we get from our visitors,” says Kathy Birkett. “It makes all the work worthwhile when they tell us how we’ve helped them improve some aspects of their senior loved ones’ lives.”

In addition to direct feedback they receive, Senior Care Corner’s outreach is extended through the pickup of their articles by websites across the web and requests to participate in online panels and contribute to the publications of other experts.

Areas of emphasis covered by Senior Care Corner include Aging in Place, Technology for Seniors and Caregivers, Senior Health and Nutrition, Alzheimer’s Disease, End of Life Considerations, and Caring for the Family Caregiver.

“Innovations in technology are rapidly changing the lives of everyone and will be key to seniors’ ability to live safely and happily in their homes longer than ever before,” says Barry Birkett, Senior Care Corner’s Technology Editor. “At the same time, technology presents challenges in implementation that family caregivers are uniquely positioned to address if given the right resources, which we aim to do.”

Senior Care Corner is a labor of love for the Birketts, who would like to see their work become financially self-supporting. As Kathy explains, “we are hopeful of attracting sponsorship that would allow us to fill even more needs of family caregivers, including educational materials and a forum for sharing experiences.”

“With the ranks of family caregivers continuing to grow along with the senior population and their need for care,” she continues, “we are looking forward to many more years of helping to improve the lives of both.”

Thank You for Your Support!

We want to thank you for your continued support of our mission and hope that you will connect with us too!

We love to hear your suggestions, comments or questions about what we are currently discussing or what you would like us to discuss. You can connect with us in a variety of ways – whichever works best for you!

Connect on our blog through your comments or our Contact page.

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Most of all, keep coming back so we can keep you informed!

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  1. Love what you do. Lost both of my parents this year after caring for them. Wish I had discovered you before. You provide valuable info. Thank you. PS – my website will be up soon. Tips and inspiration for those of us in midlife.

    • Thank you so much Cathy and so sorry to hear about your parents. Look forward to seeing more of your tips too!

    • Thank you very much Rosalyn, we are so happy that you are finding the information helpful on your caregiving journey!

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