2013 CES Preview: High Tech Hopes for Seniors & Family Caregivers

The 2013 International CES, the huge trade show put on by the Consumer Electronics Association, offers the most promise ever from the tech industry for seniors and their family caregivers. We are looking forward to bringing back more and better news than ever to share with the Senior Care Corner community.

Besides the holiday season, autumn means it’s time to plan our trip to CES, mapping out the sessions and booths on the exhibit floor that are the most “must-see” for us and will offer valuable insights we can share in blog posts and podcasts for the next several months.

This year, as if CES isn’t enough to wear anyone out, New Media Expo (NMX, formerly Blogworld) is being held the same week. We’re gonna need expansion modules for our brains. We wouldn’t want to miss either one, though, because of the information we’ll gain and even more the great people we’ll meet.

With the International CES, even more important than hearing what’s happening and available now is the glimpse CES gives us of what’s coming tomorrow so we can help you plan for the needs of senior loved ones with the future in mind.

Silvers Summit & Digital Health Summit Featured

Our early read of the schedule reflects that the Digital Health and Silvers Summits once again have a lot to offer, both insights and people, that will benefit family caregivers. A sampling of the sessions reflects that promise.

  • Silvers Summit gets a great kickoff from an opening keynote by Vinton Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet, discussing how we and the internet have grown up together and continue to change each other.
  • “Are our homes smart enough to care for us” is a question addressed by leaders in smart home technology in another Silvers Summit highlight. This goes right to a question we often discuss, given the desire of most Americans for aging in place in the homes of our choices.
  • Activities by technology developers and auto companies to provide greater safety for senior drivers with self-driving cars, telematics and other assistive technologies are addressed in a session we expect to be yet another Silvers Summit winner.
  • Not to be left behind, the Digital Health Summit kicks off with a session led by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta giving us a peek inside health research in the military, where a number of our healthcare advances originate.
  • Big Data, one of the biggest business topics of today, is covered in another Digital Health Summit session, with experts discussing the healthcare opportunities of big data if it’s analyzed and utilized effectively.
  • With “This is Your Brain on Tech”, the Digital Health Summit tackles technology developments in brain health, combining two key topic areas for us at Senior Care Corner.

These just touch on the great sessions we’ll see over three days in these two Summits. As if that wasn’t enough, there are a number of other great sessions on technology in healthcare, connected homes, and much, much more at CES 2013. We will have a hard time picking which to see.

CES 2013 Personal Connections

At least as important as the information we’ll learn are the people we’ll meet at CES.  We have a lot from one-on-one chats with many of the speakers and exhibitors. That’s also a great place to find terrific interviewees for our podcast, allowing tech leaders to share information with you directly.

CES week is a busy time for everyone, so we’re hoping to schedule some key connections in advance. For those who would like to share information with our community, either through us or via a conversation for a Senior Care Corner podcast episode, we invite you to contact us via our website or our Facebook page. We will also be reaching out through social media.

News Items in This Episode

  • Newest Help in Aging in Place Efforts: Robots
  • Hip Surgery Increases Stroke Risk in Older Patients
  • Patients Balk at Asking Healthcare Workers to Wash Hands
  • Upbeat View on Old Age May Help Seniors Bounce Back from Disability

We hope you enjoy this episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast and look forward to sharing more with you about CES 2013. Please let us know if you have questions or comments for us – or specific areas you would like us to address at CES.

Podcast Transcript – so you can follow along or read at your convenience