Family Caregivers Making a Difference in Positive Aging

Let’s face it, we’re all aging!

The population is going into our golden years more successfully than ever before by most measures. We are healthier, more physically fit and active, more comfortable and have great support from family caregivers.

As we try to maintain this healthy aging attitude and position our seniors (and ourselves as caregivers) to age in place as long and safely as possible, there are some things that we can all do to promote positive aging.

Recently we saw an article by Michael Hodin, Executive Director of the Global Coalition on Aging, that inspired our thinking and which we like to share with you. Getting older is better than the alternative is an adage that should make us all stop and think.

Are we doing everything we can to help our senior loved ones take advantage of opportunities to make that statement true?

Seniors Seizing the Day in Many Ways

  1. Being part of a group. There will soon be over a billion people over 60 which is nearly 20% of the global population. Current reports put boomers at 77 million in America. Seniors will soon out number all those under the age of 15! Get your senior involved by joining a new club, participating in local events of interest, volunteer in your favorite organization helping others young and old, take a class, and join the world wide web meeting and greeting friends new and old.
  2. Starting a new venture. Make it a family affair by promoting what you all do well. Entrepreneurs’ average age today is 55-64. Become an agent for change in your community. Head back to work if your senior has already retired. If your senior can contribute and stay mentally active by finding a small business to assist part time or by teaching students to read or sharing their expertise with others, it will promote positive aging. Gone are the days of spending our golden years in the rocker on the porch.
  3. Influencing the market! There is power in numbers and seniors need to exercise their voice by letting manufacturers know what they need to age in place. Ask for products you need, buy those things that will promote successful aging and refuse to support those that aren’t acknowledging aging.
  4. Taking advantage of the health opportunities designed for them. Getting all the benefits for which you are entitled, getting your preventive health check-ups under Medicare, taking classes on managing your finances or your health from local organizations, and being part of the programs offered by the Area on Aging including the services your senior needs to age in place.
  5. Seeking out technology and adopting it to age in place. Your senior should connect with technology products that will help him or her stay healthy and safe at home such as home monitoring systems, digital health monitoring linked to healthcare providers, computer aided connections with family and friends, safety features in home renovations, and entertainment to enjoy life.

We have much to which we can look forward in the future as technology continues to expand to better meet the needs of seniors. We are staying healthy and living longer thanks to the technology growth in healthcare. There are many opportunities for our seniors to stay connected through the internet and social media, which enables them to do more things together.

We can encourage and help our seniors have a positive experience as they age by adopting some of the suggestions above. We would love to hear how you help yourself and your senior loved ones age positively!

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