Challenges for Family Caregivers Feeding Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease presents many challenges to family members and other caregivers of seniors.  Key among those is making sure our senior loved ones continue to get the nutrition they need through the food they eat.

The feature segment in this episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast addresses those challenges are offers suggestions to help make mealtime successful for those with Alzheimer’s. There are steps family caregivers can take to assure needs are met.

Sometimes our elder loved ones with Alzheimer’s may:

  • lose interest in eating;
  • lack a feeling of hunger;
  • lose the connection of the utensil in their hand with the task of eating;
  • fail to link the existence of food in their mouth with the acts of chewing and swallowing; and,
  • have trouble focusing their attention on dining.

When this happens it can be extremely frustrating for you as a caregiver, especially as a family member living at a distance, and lead to a feeling of helplessness, especially as you watch your loved one losing weight and strength.

In our feature segment for this episode we will give you tips and suggestions to help make mealtime important for your elder loved one and help you maintain habits and activities to make dining better for both seniors and their loved ones.

Also in this episode, news items of interest to families and caregivers of seniors plus a caregiving quick tip.

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We are especially interested in learning about an approach you have found to be beneficial with your loved one who has Alzheimer’s. Help us all to learn from your experience!

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4 thoughts on “Challenges for Family Caregivers Feeding Seniors with Alzheimer’s”

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  2. Thank you for your comment. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts and information on a potential resource solution with our community!

    • Unfortunately the brain’s ability to process tasks of daily living such as eating is a great concern for family caregivers who are providing love and attention to their family members. We hoped this information helped you and others learn more!
      Thank you for stopping by and hope you come back again soon!

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