Choosing the Right Nursing Home – Family Caregiver Advocate on the Senior Care Corner® Show

Choosing the right nursing home to be the next home for a senior loved one is a stressful process for family caregivers.

Not only is the whole concept — that the senior’s needs are greater than can be met at home — often difficult for everyone to accept, but how does one decide which senior living facility will be best?

Making a plan and following the right process, both before and after a nursing home move, can help ensure the decision is the right one for the senior loved one and the rest of the family.

In this episode of the Senior Care Corner Show, we bring you insights and tips from an advocate who has helped many family caregivers through that process.

Interview with Family Caregiver Advocate

In the feature segment of this episode of the Senior Care Corner® Show, Kathy interviews Joanna Leefer, Senior Care Adviser and Advocate who authored Almost Like Home: A Family Guide to Navigating the Nursing Home Maze. 

Joanna Leefer Senior Care Advisor and AdvocateJoanna was motivated by her own experience as a family caregiver to become an advocate for others. She now helps family members navigate the maze of options to find the best care for senior loved ones in the right location for the senior and family.

In her conversation with Kathy, Joanna talks about steps family caregivers can take when it’s time to find a nursing home and considerations that can help ensure they choose the right one.

For those who want to reach out to Joanna for more information or to engage her services, we provide a link to her website below.

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