Medication Management Conversation with Simple MedsSM on the Senior Care Corner® Podcast

Medications taken incorrectly can reduce their effectiveness or, worse, can be dangerous and even deadly. More than half of seniors take their medications incorrectly, at least from time to time if not every day, according to estimates we’ve heard. That’s understandable, since half are taking at least two prescription drugs in addition to a variety … Read more

Choosing the Right Nursing Home – Family Caregiver Advocate on the Senior Care Corner® Show

Choosing the right nursing home to be the next home for a senior loved one is a stressful process for family caregivers. Not only is the whole concept — that the senior’s needs are greater than can be met at home — often difficult for everyone to accept, but how does one decide which senior living … Read more

You Can Be a Long Distance Family Caregiver – Senior Care Corner Show

Family caregiver of senior loved ones is a role that knows no bounds of gender, age or ability — requiring only that one care enough to take actions that make better the lives of aging family members. It isn’t even necessary to be in the senior’s home, city or state to provide valuable senior care. … Read more

DNR / Advance Directives in Senior Living Facilities: Lessons from the News

Lifesaving and other medical care policies of senior living facilities should be determined before senior loved ones move into the facilities, as we are reminded by a recent news story that has created much discussion and controversy. News reports suggest that a California woman who laid dying while the staff in her independent living facility … Read more